Eva Tind


Eva Tind ble født i 1974 i Pusan, Korea. Hun kom til Danmark som ett-åring og vokste opp i Låsby i Jutland, Denmark. Eva Tind Kristensen er utdannet som arkitekt ved Det Konglige Danske Kunstakademi. Hun ble tildelt Klaus Rifbjergs debutantpris for lyrikk i 2010. Eva Tind bor og arbeider i København.

«In her work eva tind reflects on the whole concept of identity, through verse, prose, dialogues, documentary material, pictures, videos, sculptures. The work explores the nature of belonging and the way in which we forge our own identity – how much of it is shaped by our environment and what sticks to us no matter what we do. The cross medial approach serves to highlight how the world can seem very different depending on who is looking at it and from where. The combination here of a variety of writing styles with drawings and photographs provides fresh insight into the collection’s motifs and moods. each picture, each text is precise and simple in idiom and form. The complexity of the work as a whole lies in the intricate interplay between one form of expression, one perspective, scale, genre, theme or language and another, between the personal and the universal.»


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Eva Tind Kristensen på Audiatur bokhandel

Eva Tind på Audiatur bokhandel